Social Media Marketing And Why You Need It

Social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to gain traffic or attention. This is something that I have learned while trying to promote my own personal trainer manchester business. Social Media is a powerful platform which allows brands of all sizes to reach out and interact with their customers as well as prospects. It involves the use of texts, images, videos, polls and other types of content to catch the attention of a specific audience, increase brand awareness, to drive more sales among others.

In order for social media marketing to be successful for any brand, some of the factors that have to be considered include:

• Content planning: Building a plan for social media marketing is essential. Brands have to consider things such as keywords, phrases, hashtags etc. The content has to interest and attract your target audience.

• Great Content: Just like other forms of marketing, content still reigns for social media marketing. Paul Jones runs the social media marketing for a turkey gift website and this botox milwaukee business and this botox Milton Keynes business and says “The content that is posted has to be of high-quality and it should provide valuable information which your clients will find interesting and helpful. You can share contents such as videos, images, infographics, tips, user guides and many more.”

• Consistency: Apart from sharing great content, you have to post regularly for consistency. Lisa Vanders runs the social media for these concrete pavers and this storage manchester business and says “Note that using social media allows you to reach across different users on different platforms hence it is important to keep your audience up to date with your products and services by regularly posting new content.”

• Research on your social media audience: The products or services you are offering your clients and prospective customers has a certain audience. Mark Johnson runs the marketing for a dewatering business and radiators retailer and notes “Look into the demographics of your audience in order to determine the most appropriate channel. For example, about 80 percent of adults love Facebook, LinkedIn is popular with male users while Instagram is popular with women. Demographics will provide you with insights into different social media channels and you will be able to know the most appropriate social platforms for your brand.”

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