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Frequently asked questions

1. I'm having trouble registering Egress, how do I enter the registration information?

No matter where you purchase an Egress license, you will receive and email which contains your owner name and registration key. This information can be entered through the Register button on the About box. Please note that if you purchased your license from PocketGear or Handango, the "Owner name" will be your email address as supplied to the vendor. This information should be included in your email from PocketGear or Handango.

2. I have a previous version of Egress, what is your upgrade policy?

Simply put, I don't charge for updates. If you buy Egress you get lifetime upgrades for free, however, if you feel that an upgrade provides significant benefit, please feel free to tip the author using the Egress tip jar.

3. Sometimes when I attempt to update a channel nothing seems to happen, why?

Actually Egress will always attempt to update a channel when requested, but sometimes won't attempt to contact the web server if the request comes too soon after the last successful update. Unless specified in the RSS, the default update interval is 1 hour, so generally you can only update a channel every 60 minutes. If you want the most frequent update possible, set the check for new items interval to 15 minutes and Egress will update any channel that has exceeded it's update interval every 15 minutes.

4. Do I always have to use the stylus to navigate?

No, the keypad provides the ability to navigate through the items as well as the channels. Pressing up and down will move to the previous and next items within a channel respectively. Pressing right and left will move to the next and previous channels respectively. Pressing the keypad will launch the currently selected item in the browser.

5. How do I upgrade Egress and install a new version of the Today screen integration (egress.dll) ?

WindowsCE does not make it easy to update a Today screen plugin so you have to jump through some hoops. The following steps will work for 2002, 2003, 2003SE and Windows Mobile 5. First, go to Settings/Today and select the items tab. Deselect the item for Egress and click ok. Perform a warm reset on your PocketPC (this will cause the DLL to be unloaded). Install the new version of Egress and you should be "good to go".

6. I uninstalled Egress and now my PocketPC is reporting that it can't find Egress everytime I synchronize, what to I do?

If you uninstalled Egress, prior to version 1.5.1, when you had the 'Check for new items when handheld inserted into cradle' was selected, then you will receive this error every time you attempt to synchronize with the desktop. To resolve this problem you can download the control panel applet 'Tasks' available from this website. Once installed, click on the 'Scheduled Tasks' icon within the Control Panel and remove the task which refers to Egress.

7. I want to use Egress but don't have a Windows PC to run Egress's installation program. How can I install Egress?

The installation program for Egress utilitizes the ActiveSync mechanism for installing Egress on the PocketPC. It was done this way to make the installation process as simple as possible. It is however possible to install Egress from the .cab file. Download the .cab file (the link is in the upper right corner of the support page) and copy the file to the PocketPC. Once executed, Egress will be installed on your PocketPC.

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