Email Marketing For Success

The number of marketing strategies that are available to marketers is simply impressive at present to be able to acquire new customers and generate more revenue. In the digital marketing sector for example, there is video marketing, Social Media marketing and of course Email marketing. The latter, email marketing, has persisted for a very long time and the reasons are clear. Subsequently, here are the benefits of email marketing.

I. Has A Higher ROI

Jillian Bosco sells custom luxury candles and waterfall bathroom taps online and says “Email marketing for quite some time now has been the strategy generating for marketers the highest return on investment(ROI). It has been established that for every single $1 spent, this marketing strategy generates $38 in ROI. Email marketing is a 40 times more effective strategy for marketing if you want a business to grow, offer a promotion or even launch a new product compared to the use of social media marketing.”

II. Has A Larger Reach

Greg James runs the email marketing for this vertikal heizkörper retailer and also for these bristol surveyors and notes “Facebook boasts about 2.20 billion monthly active users while Twitter has about 330 million monthly active users. Looking at these impressive numbers you can be tempted to think that social media marketing is the most effective for a larger reach. What is not always though shared to you is the Email statistics and at present it is estimated there are over 5 billion email accounts. That figure should not be really surprising if you consider the fact that an email address is often required when you want to sign up for a website and to create social media accounts.”

III. Your Message Is Delivered

Taylor Bauer runs a botox orland park clinic and JEM Medspa and is a big fan of email marketing and notes “It is estimated that about 90% of email is conveyed to the recipient’s inbox intended. On the other hand, only 2% of your Facebook fans are able to see your Facebook posts in their News Feed.”

IV. It Is A Professional Medium of Communication

Lindsey Pelon runs the marketing for this lawn turf store and this assisted living chicago service and notes “Social networks to most people are a personal channel of communication to connect with friends and family. If you log in to your social media account like Facebook then your hope is see updates and photos from people that you know and care about.”

Stacey Barnes runs the marketing for an environmental drilling firm and hairdressers warrington business and is a big advocate of email marketing and says “Email on the other hand is a more professional medium and for that reason people expect to receive information through this channel pertaining to products and services.”

In conclusion, the benefits of email marketing are enough reasons why you should invest in it for your business.And of course never forget that email has been around for quite some time and it will definitely be around forever because of its benefits.